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My Life and Lesser Catastrophes Review by April Elstrom

Christina Schofield
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Grand Rapids MI 49516-6287
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"An unflinchingly honest journey of faith." That is the subtitle on the front cover of this book. It should also say compelling and convicting.

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes is the testimony of Christina Schofield and her family. Christina has poured her heart into a book that will touch the heart of Christian women. Christina Schofield was working with her husband in campus ministries in Missouri, raising their three year old daughter, and gaining ground in her career as an illustrator. Then life threw a curve-ball at her and her husband that knocked them flat on their backs, literally. In My Life and Lesser Catastrophes, Christina shares her spiritual journey with us in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident that forever changed her family.

I didn't expect to be so touched by this book. I didn't expect to pick it up and not want to put it down. Christina is so honest about her faith, her fears, and her doubts that I completely related to her. I could imagine myself in the same situation, and knew I'd have the same struggles, though I might not handle it all as well as she did. Christina doesn't portray herself with rose-colored glasses, though. She shares honestly (with humor) about her faults and her struggles to accept the new reality of her life.

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes is just a 154 page paperback book, but it is definitely one worth reading. Christina's testimony will challenge you to look at your own Christian faith, the depth of your relationship with God, and your unspoken beliefs (true and false) about Christianity. If you enjoy reading true stories of real Christians and their faith as they overcome life's difficulties, you'll enjoy this book.

Product review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2011