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Building Kingdom Families: A Biblical Approach DVD & Workbook Seminar 2: Guiding Your Child Into a Kingdom Marriage Review by Stephanie D. Scarborough

Gospel Parenting
3330 Beck Road
Rice, WA 99167

The Building Kingdom Families, Seminar 2 is a critical component to any family library since selecting a mate and marriage will be a pivotal decision in your son or daughter's life. Sadly, the "normal" methods of mate selection in our culture generally lack biblical standards. This series can help establish, "a clear vision of the goal of a kingdom marriage for your child, recognizing the extent and nature of the certain battle that lies ahead for every young person, and then devising a strategy for helping them navigate safely through the treacherous mine field that is mate selection."

As a parent, my job is to help my children prepare themselves for life. Sometimes, in fact most times, this requires me to prepare and educate myself. Many of us knew no alternative to dating because that is what our experiences and culture taught us, thus this is a refreshing introduction to another way of conducting the courtship process.  

Guiding Your Child into a Kingdom Marriage includes five messages on two DVDs with a workbook of 36 pages that will help parents deal with the issues facing our children. The runtime is just under four hours so equipping yourself with this program will take a small investment of time that can help avoid years of heartache and sorrow later. The five messages are divided into sessions:

  • Session #1: The History and Effects of Dating
  • Session #2: A Biblical Pattern for Finding a Mate
  • Session #3: A Modern Alternative to Dating
  • Session #4: My Courtship Failures
  • Session #5: The Path to the Altar - Preparation for Marriage

This program is designed for the parents to view and work through to know how to direct their children, but your teens could watch it as well. Robert Andrews uses a relatively soft-spoken lecture form which includes well-placed humor to lighten the heaviness of the topics. The presentation includes definitions, history, information, applications, analysis, and heart-felt stories. Most of all, the foundation is the Bible which, as he states, is our "standard of faith and practice."

Product review by Stephanie D. Scarborough, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2011