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Math Mammoth Geometry 1 Review by Courtney Larson

Maria Miller

Geometry 1 by Maria Miller at Math Mammoth is an introduction to geometry for grades 4 and 5. I received the printable PDF file to review, though it is available as a printed book as well. This worktext covers angles; drawing and classifying triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons; area; volume; and solids. This worktext is designed in color, but I printed my copy in black and white without issue. All of the teaching is included in this worktext, and it is written to the student. No separate manual for teachers is available. There is an answer key in the back of the book.

Each topic in Geometry 1 is divided into several lessons. Each lesson begins with thorough teaching on the topic, and the teaching is followed by practice problems for the student. There is often additional teaching in the practice problem set that builds on the teaching in the lesson. This breaks the lesson down into bite-sized chunks so the student is not overwhelmed. The number of practice problems varies for each lesson, but I believe there is enough practice provided for most students.

I think Geometry 1 is a great introduction to geometry. I'm using it with my fourth-grade son as a supplement to his regular math program, and it's going well. In our case, our math program doesn't include geometry, but I wouldn't hesitate using it as additional practice or review for a student who needed it. This worktext explains the concepts clearly, so it would be a fine option for a student struggling with geometry. And the price can't be beat--it's currently $7.00 for the downloadable file. I'd recommend Math Mammoth's Geometry 1 whether you're looking for a stand-alone geometry program or a supplement to your math program.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, LLC, October 2011