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The Imagination Station Books 3-4: Peril in the Palace / Revenge of the Red Knight Review by Courtney Larson

By Marianne Hering (book 3) and Paul McCusker (book 4)
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
351 Executive Drive
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Peril in the Palace and Revenge of the Red Knight are books 3 and 4 of a new Adventure in Odyssey chapter book series published by Tyndale. They are written on about a second-grade reading level and are recommended for children ages 7 and up.

In these books, two cousins named Patrick and Beth are sent back in time in order to complete missions and help save Mr. Whittaker's friend, Albert. In Peril in the Palace, Patrick and Beth are sent back to China in the year 1271. They are on a mission to find the golden tablet of Kublai Khan. In this adventure, they meet and are helped by Marco Polo. In Revenge of the Red Knight, Patrick and Beth are sent back to medieval England. In this adventure, Patrick and Beth finally meet Albert. However, they run into trouble when they are accused of stealing the treasures they've been gathering to help save Albert.

The format is perfect for new readers of chapter books; the font is large and easy to read, and there is plenty of white space on each page. There are a few black-and-white pictures sprinkled throughout the books. When I received them in the mail, my 7-year-old son was in the middle of a Magic Treehouse reading frenzy. I handed him these books, and he devoured them, and he quickly insisted that I purchase books 1 and 2 for him. He gives them "two thumbs way up." I like the fact that they are written from a Christian perspective and introduce some history into his free reading time. These books are a great addition to any home library, and I highly recommend them.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2011