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Latin Primer I, Student and Teacher's Book Review by Diane Wheeler

Martha Wilson
Latin Primer I Video Teacher's Packet
Latin Primer I Videos (Set of three)
Julie Garfield
Logos School Materials

Attention classical educators! Do you desire to teach Latin, but don't know a derivative from a declension? You are not alone, and Logos School has a resource that will more than meet your family's needs. The Latin Primer books and video materials provide, for an affordable cost, a Latin teacher for your classroom. Using the excellent books written by Martha Wilson, Julie Garfield goes through each lesson, explaining terms, working through vocabulary lists and weekly worksheets, and directing the students to answer questions. She also leads students in chants, with help from Logos School students. Mrs. Garfield's style is very appealing. She is professional, but relaxed, and has a voice that is easy on your ears. It is amazing to hear a classroom of students zoom through the chants. By lesson 27, they have a long and impressive list and do a beautiful job.

This one-year program focuses on vocabulary, case endings, verb endings, and simple translation. The weekly lessons include a new word list, a chant (most weeks), a worksheet, and a quiz. There are four tests for the year, offering a quarterly assessment of progress. The Teacher's Packet includes instructions for the lessons, a schedule for teaching, quizzes, tests, and answer keys. There are also supplemental materials: a crossword puzzle, a paragraph on Christopher Columbus that has students fill in blanks with the appropriate Latin word, a Latin math page, and Happy Birthday in Latin. There are 27 lessons, which allows for a few weeks of review when needed.

One of the strengths of a video course is that a group of students can view the video together as a class of their own. It works well in a co-op setting (and families can share the cost of the videos) or for a family that is teaching more than one child. Then, naturally, the teacher (me!) gets the added bonus of learning right along with the children. Written for third graders, it can easily be used with older grammar school students who are just beginning to learn Latin.

Latin Primer I is followed by Latin Primer II and III, including videos, and then continues with the Latin Grammar series that, as yet, does not offer a video instructor. Logos School also sells pronunciation tapes, flash cards, and 18"x24" wall charts (two of verbs, two of nouns) as extra helps for Latin class.

The Latin Primer series has been well tested for years in classical schools across the country, and is receiving high praise from homeschoolers now as well. Logos School has obviously invested long hours to equip homeschooling families for teaching Latin. I, for one, appreciate their excellent materials and the gracious teaching of Julie Garfield. I look forward to learning in her classroom along with my upcoming Latin students, Deo volente (God willing).

-- Product review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine