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Bible Story Cards Review by Heidi Shaw

Wesleyan Publishing House

These cards have been all the buzz on my home school loops lately. Now I can see why! A way to teach my children sequential, important Bible stories, without analyzing them to pieces or covering them with so much busy work that the story is left in the background.

The set of cards I received came with a great coloring book, a story telling and review guide, a set of charts and maps to put the location in perspective, and, the core of the plan, a deck of colorful, beautifully illustrated cards. There is a set of Scripture memory cards if you wish as well.

These cards are what my son describes as “cooool!” Just like popular trading cards, they are glossy and durable. Full color on the front, a story and a reference number on the back. This is so you can refer to the study guide and expand to a full lesson if you wish. The complete Bible reference for the picture is also on the back. The stories are accurate, interesting, and have no fluff or personal interpretation. There are a few review questions about the story and a question designed to have the kids think a bit about how to apply the story to the reality of their lives. The answers to the review questions are on the back of the memory verse cards. My kids like having their memory verses tied to the story they have just read and the cards are perfect for using as guides for their copy work.

The storytelling and review guide and the charts and maps are great for devotions or for Sunday school. The guide really takes each card and expands it into a whole storytelling session. There are tons of ideas for different ways of telling the story. You will find everything from creating an audiotape to doing mime to using puppets - even an idea for spray-painting the story as you tell it. Different methods are suggested for different lessons, but you can always use your own choice any time. The guide introduces the characters and provides background information on the story location, time, etc. You will also find review games and memory verse expansion activities, along with a smaller version of each of the charts and maps. Some of these are very detailed and fascinating unto themselves. I found that with just my few kids at home, all we really needed were the cards themselves, the coloring book, and my Bible. The coloring book is simply a large reproduction of each card that can be colored in during the story telling time. The charts and maps will intrigue and assist those older kids who want to dig deeper. Ideas like what the Tabernacle looked like, where Abraham lived and more are described and displayed very well.

This is a great, great resource. My nine-year-old son loves shuffling through the cards and picking which one to read next. He is gaining a solid knowledge of these timeless stories that are so important to the foundation of his faith. The folks at Wesleyan Publishing House have developed a product that will bless a whole new generation that needs to hear these stories. Just God’s Word, no fluff, and no nonsense. This has been a refreshing treat. Both Old Testament and New Testament sets are available. Check out the website and see for yourself. Samples of both sets are available on line and you can order either home kits or super kits with 10 sets for your Sunday school. You will be glad you did.

-- Product Review by: Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine