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Hey, Andrew! Teach me some Greek! Level Three Review by Diane Wheeler

Greek 'n' Stuff
Karen Mohs
(309) 796-2707

"This slow, steady approach to studying Greek is what makes it the perfect program for all ages." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Many parents see the value of teaching their children Biblical Greek. A working knowledge of koine Greek can help us become independent Bible scholars, and can protect us from inaccurate Bible teaching. But, with no personal knowledge of Greek, how can this subject be taught? One option is Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! by Greek 'n' Stuff. This seven-part series is designed for children as young as preschool age, and can be used through adulthood.

Level Three is recommended as a starting point for older students, or as the continuation of Levels One and Two. There are several parts included in the complete program: a student workbook, a choice of an answers only or a full text answer key, quizzes and exams, and flashcards. There are also pronunciation tapes and CDs available for separate purchase.

The student workbook begins with a review of the Greek alphabet. There is also a thorough review of vocabulary words that were introduced in earlier levels, continuing on to new words and sentences. The vocabulary exercises include writing words, comparing words, and fun memory techniques. As each word is added, the flashcard can be included for daily review. By the end of Level Three, basic sentences are being translated, and noun and verb inflections have been introduced. There are flashcards included on pages in the back of the book. If you choose not to purchase the pre-made set, you can create your own with the addition of 3x5 cards on which to paste Greek words and translations.

Your choice of answer keys can be simply answers (a small booklet), or a full text that includes the complete student workbook, along with the answers, and some suggestions for lesson plans. The student workbook was designed to simply be completed one page a day, but some people like more structure for lesson plans. They offer a few pages of recommendations, and some additional Greek resources to equip the teacher for better instruction.

In the Full Text Answer Key, Karen Mohs includes a note about the methodology used in her program. "This series begins gently and advances gradually, providing plenty of reinforcement through a wide variety of workbook activities and translation exercises. By introducing new concepts slowly, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! avoids the pitfall common to many foreign language courses whereby the student suddenly faces a steep learning curve, becomes frustrated, fails to internalize the language, and develops an aversion to foreign language study in general." This slow, steady approach to studying Greek is what makes it the perfect program for all ages. If it is easy for older students, speed up. If younger children need more review, spend the time needed.

In addition to the materials sold by Greek 'n' Stuff, you will also need a Greek Interlinear New Testament to practice reading orally. There are also suggestions for Bible copy work that requires the Interlinear New Testament and a notebook for copying.

Levels One and Two teach the Greek alphabet and introduce vocabulary. Levels Four through Six continue with building vocabulary, and include noun paradigms, conjugations, articles, adjectives, and prepositions.

In the seventh level, students learn additional pronouns (interrogative, indefinite, relative, indefinite relative, reflexive, reciprocal, demonstrative), imperfect indicative of the being verb, perfect tense in all voices, principal parts, first and second aorist tense in all three voices, future passive tense, contraction, present and imperfect tense contract verbs, third declension nouns, third declension adjectives, participles (present, aorist, and perfect in all voices), genitive absolute, and infinitives. In addition, they parse and translate the first two chapters of I John. As always, their vocabulary continues to be expanded.

If the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! materials have you intrigued, give Greek 'n' Stuff a call at (309) 796-2707, or see their website at

Greek is an excellent language to learn, whether to understand the roots of our own language, or to be equipped for personal study of God's Word. If you want to begin the study of Greek with your family, I recommend Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! You will soon find your children, young and old, knowing the alphabet, words, sentences, and ultimately translating the Greek New Testament on their own. A worthy goal, made possible by Karen Mohs and her program, Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine