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Shape the World Game Review by Christine Hindle

Vardo Gallery LLC
Shape the World, LLC
14460 New Falls of Neuse Rd. Suite 149, Box 127
Raleigh, NC 27614-822

The Shape the World game comes in a sturdy box. The box contains: "Shape cards (120), polyhedral die, one minute timer, dry erase sheets (6), dry erase score card, dry erase markers (6), erasers (6), category card, instructions in English, Spanish, French, and German." (Although this is an American Company, they are apparently very serious about giving this game a global appeal. Even the box has these various languages represented.)

This game is for 1-6 players, and the box says it is for ages 9 to adult. To play the game, turn over 7 shape cards and roll for a category. You don't have to use just the categories received with the game; you can make up your own as well. The timer is used to keep the play to 1 minute. The shapes are used to make a drawing on the dry-erase sheet. When the minute is up, the drawing is scored and play continues. Five rounds equals one game. This game is a lot of fun. You may not think you're an artist, but you don't have to be because you are just putting together the shapes on the cards into a picture. Everyone is playing at the same time, so there is no lag or waiting.

This makes a great family or party game, and I would recommend it to any and all people who enjoy games.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2011