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God's Words from A to Z CD Review by Heather Randall

Abe and Liza Philips

The 53 tracks on this CD feature meaningful Scriptures read by young children and set to music in short, easy-to-learn choruses. God's Words from A to Z provides a solid foundation for Bible memorization in a variety of musical styles. This CD includes 26 songs and 26 read Scriptures as well as a bonus music-only track. Young children will hear God's word expressed through jazz, classical, bluegrass, reggae, country, pop, rock, Indian, Celtic and folk tunes, proving that God's Word is indeed for everyone.

The songs are repetitive, and the lyrics are 100% scriptural. This makes them a bit short, but these tiny doses of song can pack a powerful punch as they equip children to hide God's Word in their hearts. I was amazed by the talent of Abe and Liza and their expansive musical range. They truly function well in each of the styles they tackle, which speaks very highly to their musical gifting. I also enjoyed the sweet little voices of Zach and Zoe as they introduced each song by reciting the Scripture.

Most of the songs are under a minute long, and some of them sound a little similar, which can make it easy to mix up some of the songs. However, if children heard the songs played on a regular basis, I think they would still be able to memorize each Scripture very quickly. Though scriptures are listed alphabetically, the point is not to teach the alphabet. Rather, it is to provide a Bible memorization tool for children. The songs accomplish that goal with flare and musical pizzazz.

God's Words from A to Z is best suited for very young children with short attention spans, and it effectively utilizes the art of repetition to build a child's memorization success. I don't think it would hold the interest of older children, as the songs end very abruptly and may be too short for the older crew. I believe that parents of young children and church nurseries will especially enjoy this CD.

My favorite tracks are #30 (1 Chronicles 16:34) and #36 (Exodus 20:8). Both Abe and Liza have very appealing voices. God's Words A to Z sells for $12.97. It's a pretty good price for teaching your children 26 wonderful Scriptures. I would recommend this CD to other parents and also suggest that they visit the website for additional scripturally based CDs by Abe and Liza. These two are truly talented musicians with a passion for hiding God's Word in the hearts and minds of believers.

Product review by Heather Randall, Affiliate Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2011