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El Pato Paco: A First Look at Spanish Review by Christine Field

Bob Jones University Press

"A very sweet and God-honoring introduction to Spanish!" -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

El Pato Paco: A First Look at Spanish from BJUP is a darling introduction to Spanish for young children. A soft cover, colorfully illustrated book tells the story of Paco the duck that thinks that he doesn't have any friends, but discovers just how many he truly has. English is used sparingly so children will understand the story plot, but your child will learn Spanish greetings, animal names, and other basic vocabulary. Page turn signals mean your child can follow along with the accompanying cassette. At the end of the book, you will find music for the two songs included on the cassette, as well as eight coloring pages. Children will learn that "God made all the animals: the bird, the cat, the cow, the mouse, the duck, the bear, the frog, and the goat. Thank you, God!" A very sweet and God-honoring introduction to Spanish!

-- Product Review by: Heather Jackowitz, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Here's another El Pato Paco review!

Is your young child interested in learning a little Spanish? El Pato Paco is simply adorable! This CD/book combo, presented by Bob Jones University Press, is the perfect mixture of content and fun for ages four and up. The interactive CD and accompanying soft textbook tell the story of a little duck named Paco who believes his friends have deserted him. Your child clicks along on the story and each new frame allows them to learn vocabulary by clicking on the items in each picture as the dialog and story are read aloud. The characters and graphics are irresistible!

Adding to the content of the CD, each page has a glossary which reviews all vocabulary used. When your child is ready, click on Paco's Playroom for fun and games. There is an alphabet game that teaches the Spanish alphabet and allows your child to quiz his knowledge. A color game teaches 10 basic colors and contains some sheets to print and color to add to the experience. A numbers game teaches counting from 1 - 20 and a puzzle page lets the child solve a puzzle with drag-and-click pieces. Time games teach half-hour increments of time in Spanish. Finally, your child can choose from two songs on the songs-menu page.

This is the most engaging, delightful product I have seen for early language learners. Your child will be captivated by this program and will get a jump-start on learning a new language. Give BJUP a quick call at 1-800-845-5731 and order it!

-- Product Review by: Christine Field, Lead Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine