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MusiColoRide: Piano Basics for Very Beginners (Interactive Matching Cards) Review by Courtney Larson

Eleonora Gabay
1412 Stone Ridge Circle
Helmetta, NJ 08828

MusiColoRide Piano Basics for Very Beginners is a set of 10 interactive matching cards that reinforce basic piano skills. These cards are for ages 4 and up, and they review treble clef notes, bass clef notes, time signatures, time values, and musical symbols.

This set of cards includes six different color plastic clips that correspond to colored dots on the laminated cards. On the top of the card are six grey dots, with words printed below. For example, on the "Symbol Review" card, across the top are the grey dots with the words slur, treble clef sign, tie, double bar line, bass clef sign, and repeat sign printed below the dots. Along the bottom of the card are the actual symbols (in a different order than the top), and below the symbols are colored dots that match the clips. The child then places the colored clip that matches the symbol on the top of the card above the corresponding word. The bass clef symbol has a red dot below it, so the child would place the red clip on the top of the card above the words "bass clef sign." Once all six clips are placed, the child turns the card over to check his answers. If he's answered correctly, the colored clips will match up with colored smiley faces on the back of the card. Below each colored smiley face, the symbol and the words are printed.

I think this is a great product for reviewing basic piano skills. Four of my sons have been taking piano lessons anywhere from two to five years, and our piano teacher has had them use flashcards periodically to reinforce what they are learning. Even though my boys aren't technically beginning piano students anymore, I had them try out these cards (extra review is always good). They all thought using these cards was more fun than using flashcards, and they didn't complain at all about working through them. I look forward to using them with my youngest son when he begins piano lessons next year. The cards are laminated, so they will withstand a lot of use. For $13, I think this set is a good investment for beginning piano students.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2011