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Ungame, The Review by Heather Jackowitz

Talicor Games

I recently heard that the average amount of conversation between a parent and a child is 15 minutes per day. Now, I hope this is not true of most homeschool families! But I do know that when our family gets together with other families, the children usually run off to play while the grownups hang out and chat. We often leave friends houses feeling like we never connected with the children - theirs and ours. Well, how about a little family game time instead of everyone going his or her own way? And what better game than one that can be played by all ages together? And one that gets everyone talking about his or her thoughts, fears, dreams, and embarrassing moments! I received the Christian version of The Ungame for review, and I love it! It comes with a game board, three decks of cards, six tokens, and a die. Players begin by setting a time limit (45 minutes to one hour is suggested). Players must agree not to talk when it is not their turn (this is tougher than it sounds!). Questions and comments can be directed at a player only if you land on a comment space, so you should take notes as you listen to other players' answers. Deck One has lighthearted questions, such as "Talk about your favorite holiday and why you like it." Deck Two has deeper questions, such as "How do you respond when someone criticizes you? How do you feel?" And Deck Three has questions specifically for Christians, such as "How does your faith in God show in your actions?" There is no winner to this game, just a time of getting to know one another in a fun way.

The creator of The Ungame, Rhea Zakich, has quite a story to tell about how this game came to be, and she tells her story on an accompanying 80-minute CD. She also explains the philosophy of the game and the different versions (Christian, teens, children, and couples). Check out and see their whole selection of family games that are sure to make your family time more fun, educational, and meaningful.

-- Product Review by: Heather Jackowitz, Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine