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Triplica Review by Christine Hindle

Daniel Calkin
FunQ Games
1 Buxton St
Harrisville, RI 02830

Triplica is a great card game that is fun for all ages--young children all the way to adults. The box contains 60 Play cards, 36 Goal cards, and instructions. You can play this with a group or as a "solitaire" version. Our family enjoys playing it together. The company recommends the game for age 7 and up, but our 5-year-old caught on very quickly. The cards have various colored shapes on them. There are three on each play card. Everyone is dealt a Goal card and four Play cards. Four play cards are then put out on the table face up. Each player, when it is his turn, plays a card on top of one of those four cards, attempting to make three in a row across or diagonally of the shape on their Goal card. When a player accomplishes what is on his Goal card, he says "Triplica," lays that goal card face up, and draws a new one. Each person keeps four Play cards in his hand at all times by drawing to replace what is laid down. The first player to complete five Goal cards is the winner.

What a great game for travel! It can be played in restaurants while waiting to be served or in the motel room at night just for fun. It is a wonderful way to introduce little ones to matching and sets; this is the same type of thing that is employed in early math lessons. This is a quality game. At $14.99, it would make a great addition to your family's game closet.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2011