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BasiColoRide: Picture Word Recognition BasiColoRide: Alef-Bet Review by Christine Hindle

Eleonora Gabay
BasiColoRide / FeedBack Cards, Inc.
1412 Stone Ridge Circle
Helmetta, NJ 08828

These spiral bound workbooks have about a stiff, reinforced and laminated cardboard cover. They are intended for small children. Picture-Word Recognition is for ages 4-6 and has about 20 pages, and Alef-Bet is intended for ages 3 and up and contains about 90 pages. The ingenious thing about them is the thing that makes them "hands-on": the little answer card and colored clips. Here's how it works: on page one of the Picture-Word Recognition book, there are numbered pictures of a dog, a cat, a pig, and a cow. Below the pictures are the words cow, pig, cat, dog, and each has one of the colored clips pictured with it. There is a separate answer card with 1, 2, 3 and 4 on it. The dog is number 1. The word dog pictures the blue clip. On the answer card, the child places the blue clip over the number one. When the answer card has all the clips on it, you simply turn the page and match your answer card to the answer key on the next page. My granddaughter enjoyed this immensely because she is a tactile learner.

The Alef-Bet (Hebrew Alphabet) workbook works in the same way but, like all Hebrew books, it works from back to front and right to left. Each letter is introduced individually, and the child must recognize it among some other letters. After all the letters have been introduced, there are some exercises for recognizing and distinguishing letters that look similar. What a great tool for learning the Hebrew alphabet!

These are excellent tools for homeschoolers, and I will enjoy using them with my curriculum. I highly recommend these resources.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2011