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Kiddie Catch-All Review by Dawn Huffmaster

ALL Distributors, LLC

Keeping young children happy while riding in a vehicle can sometimes be quite a chore. As a mother of seven, I have tried almost everything I can think of to keep toys, sippy cups, and other such items within reach so that I can focus on keeping my eyes on the road. In the past, when items ended up in the floor, that is where they had to stay until the next stop, which made for some unhappy children. This is where Kiddie Catch-All comes in! Kiddie Catch-All is an organizational product consisting of a mesh bag with a plastic retaining ring and wide hook; it slips onto the side of your child's convertible car seat or booster seat. It is ample in size and can hold a sippy cup, several small toys, and a book or two to keep your child safely occupied while you are behind the wheel.

I tested this product with my children ages 2 and 5, and it worked wonderfully and served its intended purpose. I was able to fill it with their favorite items and keep them content while riding in our van. When my 2-year-old had some juice drips from her cup, I was able to detach the mesh bag without any trouble and wash it with my regular laundry. When you visit the Kiddie Catch-All website, you will find that you get two of these items for the price of $12.95, as well as a music CD containing character building and morally uplifting sing-along songs at no additional charge. That makes the Kiddie Catch-All a wonderful value.

The only issue I believe one might have with this product is not in the product itself but in the use of the product. If the children do not want to put the items back in the Kiddie Catch-All, they are still going to end up in the floor. But if the child understands what it the organizer is used for, then they are more likely to keep things where they ought to be, and everyone is happy and safe.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product, and I would recommend it to others who are looking for a car organizer.

Product review by Dawn Huffmaster, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2011