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The Case of the Missing Mountain Review by Cindy West

By Kim Jones
Master Books
PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638

Did you know there are mysteries surrounding Mount St. Helen's? Oh yes, and far more than you might imagine! Did it vanish? Does it contain a floating forest? Can you find lost treasures hiding there? This full-color activity book will teach your child all about these mysteries and more through fun-filled puzzler activities.

Within the 80 pages, your upper elementary and middle school students will uncover eight exciting mysteries that unveil creationist truths about Mount St. Helens. In order to unlock the clues, your children must unscramble phrases, complete word searches, decipher secret codes, and more. Not only that, simple experiments are interspersed to turn the already engaging book into hands-on fun.

By the end of the book, your child will have solved the:

  • Mystery of the Vanishing Volcano explaining why the top is no longer on the volcano.
  • Mystery of Exploding Snow and Ice teaching why the eruption actually rained snow and ice.
  • Mystery of the Cliff Secrets describing how a cliff formed quickly and why it contains three different rock layers.
  • Mystery of the Menacing Mudslinger explaining why a massive landslide occurred during the explosion of the volcano.
  • Mystery of the Floating Forest analyzing how a wave in Spirit Lake at Mount St. Helens buried trees and caused scientists to question the age of a petrified forest found at Yellowstone National Park.
  • Mystery of the Mighty Canyon Carvers showing how erosion changes the land.
  • Mystery of the Green Scene Machine pointing out why the land surrounding Mount St. Helen's flourishes with plant and animal life now.
  • Mystery of the Lost Treasure demonstrating how Mount St. Helens gives us proof of Noah's Flood and the age of the earth.

My 5 th and 8 th -grade children were both very engaged with the playful lessons, and they immersed themselves in learning all they could about the explosion of Mount St. Helens. I just love it when a book sparks interest like this one did! I think the combination of mysteries, fun activities, and apologetics is perfect for stirring excitement. And, as a mom, I couldn't be happier that there wasn't anything I needed to censor about the age of the earth or other Biblical truths.

The only problem we had was having only one book that my children had to share. Since the activities are completed in the book, it would have been better if each of them had a copy. In my mind, having to buy two of something because my children are so excited isn't what I'd really call a problem! Speaking of price, I feel that $14.99 is very fair, whether you use it as a fun supplement or even a prepared unit study.

Product review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2011