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The Children of Caesar: The state of American Education, where it is headed, and what your family can do about it! (2-DVD set) Review by Amy M. O'Quinn

Voddie Baucham Ministries
8765 Spring Cypress Road, Suite L
Spring, TX 77379

If you want to be encouraged, inspired, or motivated to begin homeschooling or perhaps refocus on getting your house in order using God's design, you need to watch this 2-volume DVD set by Voddie Baucham. If you've lost your vision for why you started educating your children at home or if you feel "burned out," The Children of Caesar might be just the ticket to help you regain your momentum and get back on track.

Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. is passionate about what he believes, and he is not afraid to say what he means and mean what he says! In today's politically correct society, it is certainly refreshing to hear a voice calling Christian parents to stand up and reclaim their God-given right to bring up their own children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It's not a popular message, but it is definitely one whose time has come.

On the first DVD, titled "Whoever Controls the Schools Controls the World," Baucham makes an extremely compelling plea to parents to take the initiative in their children's education and stop letting the government-controlled schools do the job. He uses Scripture to back up his lecture, but the statistics he quotes are frightening and startling. I think one of the best things he says in this talk (and I might be paraphrasing slightly) is, "If you send your children to Caesar, don't be surprised if they come back as Romans." Wow! That is putting the hammer on the nail, and it is certainly something to ponder. And he makes the case that whoever controls the schools does indeed control the world.

The second DVD is appropriately entitled "Getting Your House in Order," and again the message that Dr. Baucham presents is not popular, even among many Christians. We don't like hearing that perhaps what we think is normal might in fact, be wrong for those who profess to be followers of Christ. By human nature, we don't like to be looked upon as different or as someone who doesn't follow the herd mentality. But is that what we have been called to do? Dr. Baucham expounds upon Deuteronomy 6 and highlights six principles of an "orderly" home, and he does an excellent job of motivating parents and families to "change the world--one household at a time."

I cannot recommend The Children of Caesar enough, and I truly believe that every Christian family (homeschooling or not) should watch these lectures. It will reestablish your purpose and may even change your life! Yes, Voddie Baucham is a dynamic speaker, but more than that, he directs parents and families back to God's Word as a foundation for Christian homes and real education. Very well done! To find out more about Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. and his resources, visit

Product review by Amy M. O'Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2011