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ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs CD Review by Melissa Cummings

Parent/Teacher's Guide
PO Box 101362
Birmingham, AL 35120

Teaching Scripture to children is one of the primary jobs of Christian parents, raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It could be a difficult and tedious process, especially with small children, but the ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs CD provides an excellent tool for aiding in the teaching and memorization of Scripture. Setting Scripture to music greatly aids memorization and recall.

The inclusion of Scripture references in every song may be the highlight of this product, as children will learn not only solid biblical truths but also where to locate them in their Bibles. The texts are based on the King James Version of the Bible, many of them word for word. The 26 verses included, each one inspired by a letter of the alphabet, encompass a large variety of Christian attributes and tenets of the faith. The musical settings are easy melodies that will stick in your head, with simple accompaniment and sweet children's voices. You and your children will be singing along with gusto!

Song titles and references are included on the CD insert, which is very helpful, and full lyrics are available for download online, but there is also a downloadable PDF of a Parent/Teacher's Guide available for purchase to accompany the CD. Easy enough to save and use from the computer, this would also be great printed out and spiral-bound for repeated use and easy transportation. This is an excellent companion resource, divided into 26 lessons based on each of the ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs. Each lesson includes a song's full lyrics and explains the Bible verse in simple, easy-to-understand terms and descriptions. While I have occasional doctrinal differences with the author, they are minor, and I find her explanations down to earth and biblically based. Each lesson includes a "Put Into Practice" section with practical examples for implementing the values and commands described in the included Scripture, which are great springboards for further discussion and branching out into other similarly-themed projects.

Written by a Christian, homeschooling mom, this is such a wonderful resource for teaching children to hide God's Word in their hearts. The ABC Bible Memory Verse Songs CD and Parent/Teacher's Guide are reasonably priced and a good value, with numerous options for purchase, such as mp3 download, full CD, or even just the accompaniment. Suitable for a homeschool setting, co-op, or Sunday school, the CD and accompanying guide are easy to implement in small or large groups of varying ages. The CD also simply makes great background music for the home or family car. While these are excellent resources for all ages, especially the CD, the Parent/Teacher's Guide seems most appropriate for ages 4-10, although it could be spontaneously adapted for younger or older children.

Product review by Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2011