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Storyteller's Favorite Fables DVD Review by Whitney Dunahee

Let's Tell Stories
PO Box 131386
Carlsbad, CA 92013

Storyteller's Favorite Fables is a DVD from Let's Tell Stories featuring eight folktales from around the world. Storytellers Diane Ferlatte, Leeny Del Seamonds, Angela Lloyd, and Geri Keams deliver dramatic, engaging performances of a variety of fables. Using theatrical voices, hand motions, and musical accompaniment, they invite the children to take a trip around the world through storytelling.

The DVD opens with "Croc 'n Hen," a Bakongo folktale from Africa performed by Diane Ferlatte and accompanied by Erik Pearson on guitar. Ferlatte uses big hand motions to represent the crocodile and other animals, and she encourages the children in the audience to join her. "Yuca," the second story, is a retelling of a Russian folktale performed by Leeny Del Seamonds. This story is performed in both English and Spanish. It is followed by Angela Lloyd's version of "Yes Ma'am--Did You Feed My Cow?," a traditional African American call and response song. Lloyd accompanies herself with a baritone yukele. "Yes Ma'am" was my children's favorite story on the DVD. They were so surprised at what happened to the cow! In "Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun ," Navajo Indian storyteller, actress, and author Geri Keams delivers a retelling of this traditional Cherokee story. Next Ferlatte gives us an adaptation of an Aesop fable in "Bone Day." My two-year-old especially loves the music in this story. She dances along with it each time we watch. " Hand" is an original work by Angela Lloyd, done in both English and Spanish. "Medio Pollito" is a traditional Spanish legend retold by Leeny Del Seamonds, also in English and Spanish. Finishing out the disc is another original work by Angela Lloyd called "Sunbrella."

The Let's Tell Stories company was formed by mothers seeking alternatives to cartoons and animation. As a mother, I appreciate their efforts to produce rich stories with morals and life lessons. My family liked watching and discussing the stories on this DVD. With a running time of 62 minutes, it is too long for most young children to watch start to finish, but the individual stories are a good length for the attention spans of small children. The recommended age is 3-10. At my home it was enjoyed by children ages 2, 5, and 8. Visit the company website at for discussion questions, coloring pages, and other parent/teacher resources to support the Storyteller's Favorite Fables DVD

Product review by Whitney Dunahee, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC January 2011