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Circa Toys Wooden Train Review by Marisa Corless

60 Peach Orchard Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734

When I opened the box containing this wooden train, all I could say was, "Oh! It is beautiful!" The colors of the wood blocks were rich and warm and beckoned me to touch the pieces. Most of the pieces were buttery smooth on all areas that a child's fingers could reach. The only pieces that had some rough spots were those with threads inside; some of the edges were not completely smoothed. Made in the USA, the train consists of one large base with three axles and one small base with two axles. The axles are dowels with threads on either end that slide into holes in the base. There are also four pegs on the large base and three pegs on the small base. These pegs screw in. Most are the same length, but there is one that is longer to accommodate the smokestack. Each wheel consists of one round wooden ring and a large wooden nut that screws onto the threads on the axles. The smokestack has three round rings and is also secured with a nut. In addition to the round rings and nuts, the train comes with quite a few square blocks and a couple of rectangular blocks that stack on the pegs on the train and cart. There are 48 pieces in all. This train is not just a stacking train; the pieces can be rearranged, restacked, and reconstructed to create different shapes and structures.

My 16-month-old loves this train. The pieces are the perfect size for her to pull off and restack. She also loves changing one block from one peg to another. My older children have used parts of the train in their creative play creating dumbbells with the wheels or stacking pieces in different ways. It is great for a wide range of ages, starting with the young toddler and moving up through preschool and early elementary school. The quality is superb and will last for many years and many children. I highly recommend this train.

Product review by Marisa Corless, MH The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2011