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How I Homeschool Review by Dawn Oaks

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How do you homeschool? Maybe you are new to homeschooling and are trying to answer that question for yourself. One thing is for sure--it is probably not identical to the way other families you have met school their children. Homeschooling methods are influenced by many different factors: the age of our children, their passions, our own passions as their parents, outside activities that we are involved in, our home environment, and many more. One of the greatest lies that Satan likes to tell us is that we are doing it all wrong. He waits until the day when your son is struggling with his reading, your daughter declares that she will cook today instead of doing school, and the toddler has just written all over the hallway wall. Days like that put us in an emotional place where we are vulnerable to spiritual attacks.

Are you listening? I am about to share a secret with you. There is no absolutely correct way of homeschooling. How I Homeschool allows you to be that proverbial fly on the wall in others' walk through homeschooling. This 56-page e-book will allow you to experience homeschooling from different perspectives across the country, including the perspective of the planner in establishing yearly, monthly, and weekly schedules. My favorite of the stories shared was that of Crazy Woman and Sane Man. Many of the situations and scenarios presented in this e-book can be seen as extremes compared to most homeschooling families. However, on any given day you may actually see parallels in your own life .

If I could add one more story to this e-book, it would be from a family that has chosen to use traditional textbooks from a Christian worldview and whose main focus is on discipleship while using traditional schooling methods. Homeschooling does not have to be about extremes. There are so many creative and outside-the-box resources for helping our children to develop their skills and interests that we often overlook or judge those that simply feel called to bring their children home for discipleship reasons but do not feel the need to go beyond textbooks with a Christian worldview as the tools and resources in their school day. This too is perfectly OK.

Allow the testimonials provided in How I Homeschool to inspire you to seek the best routine, materials, and focus in helping your children become the men and women God would have them to be. Just as when we allow money to become our God instead of a resource to be used for His glory, our homeschool curriculum and plans can become our gods if we falsely believe that we control our children's futures. God holds the key to our children's future. The formula for success is in always remaining open to the moving of God's direction in our lives. He desires for us to plan our course but to always allow Him to determine our steps.

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2011