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Living and Learning on One Income Review by Dawn Oaks

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Are you wanting to homeschool but cannot imagine how to make it on one income? The economic pressures of our day are extreme, which can require an extreme conviction to push forward. But don't feel alone; you have lots of company. Many families have felt challenged in this same way and have followed their convictions to bring their children home.

Living and Learning on One Income is an e-book that will become an invaluable resource, not only providing great tips but also fueling your convictions when you question your ability to take the big step to homeschool your children. It contains the stories of 12 families that have taken that step and been blessed beyond measure. The wonderful part of their stories is that they are filled with reality. Following God in bringing our children home does not guarantee financial abundance, but as these stories reveal, He is faithful in providing for our needs as we strive to raise and educate our children for His glory.

The families highlighted in this e-book offer practical tips for facilitating the transition to homeschooling. They have tips on how to save by not eating out, by combining trips, and by preparing more foods at home economically. There are even some recipes included.

The Bible speaks a lot about the role of money in our lives. One thing that our family has discovered is that we are honoring God to a greater degree and being better stewards of our financial resources now that we are focused on being a single-income family--one of the many unforeseen benefits of homeschooling!

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2011