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States and Capitals Memorizer Kit Review by Christine Field

Bornstein School of Memory Training

At some point in elementary school, students endeavor to memorize the states and capitals of the United States. Some children learn them through repetition. Some sing a song. Some require a strong set of visual clues and words to master this body of information.

This States and Capitals Memorizer Kit fits the bill. Bornstein brilliantly uses a variety of associations to help. Colorful memorizer cards provide a visual association. The clever words used to describe the states form a sound association, such as, "It's cold in the den," for Denver, Colorado. There is also an action association on each card, such as Ali-baba rode into the Mountains, for Alabama and Montgomery. Sometimes a shape association is used as well, such as the letter U with tar on in for Utah. Even character associations can be helpful, such as Virginia marrying a rich man for Richmond, Virginia.

Bornstein recommends that after an initial exposure to the cards that students see them again within 24 hours. Some additional suggestions are given on the backs of most cards.

The kit consists of an audiotape, printed instruction guide and 56 large, full color flash cards. Grasping these methods will help made memorizing ANYTHING a snap.

Why 56 cards when there are only 50 states? The remaining cards teach the initial system of remembering (like HOMES for the Great Lakes and using the alphabet to remember the states), the thirteen original states, the western states, the Midwestern states, the southern states and the northeastern states.

These are clever, clever, clever! I love them!

--Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine