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Global Animal Puzzle, The Review by Kate Kessler

This 600 piece puzzle provided an exciting and challenging afternoon for our whole family. All 192 countries, the 50 United States of America, and 13 Provinces and Territories of Canada are included here as well as 100 identified wild animals. These animals are not only interesting and varied, but are a great help in completing the puzzle. Where did that lizard tail get to anyway?

Large puzzles have never been something I felt comfortable attempting alone, but during a visit with our puzzle-loving Grandma, we brought it out. What an addictive thing this puzzle became for us all!

The instructions say to start with the interlocking frame and then work to complete the oceans inside that. Then they say to use the oceans as a framework to hold the often-shifting countries that do not lock together. The blue pieces were a challenge, but we finally read "The Ocean Guide" on the back of the box. This helpful guide told us that the oceans were filled with geographic facts about all the countries of the world; listed in alphabetical order! After learning this, the oceans became a great deal easier!

The Global Animal Puzzle not only held our genuine interest for hours, but we learned so much about Geography at the same time. We found that when we could not locate a country's placement, we turned to our own globe. The entire process of completing the puzzle was truly one of family enjoyment mixed together with learning. Do you know where New Caledonia is? We do now!

--Product Review by: Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine