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Schleich Animal Toys Review by Kate Kessler

Am Limes 69
73527 Schw-bisch Gm-nd

Schleich, a 75 year-old quality German toy company, is probably a name many of you are already familiar with. We frequently shop in big name stores that carry these realistic animal reproduction toys and they often make it onto my children's gift lists.

There are many people that make "plastic animal toys" but Schleich craftsmanship and excellence surpass all in quality, realistic reproduction, and selection. We were mailed a variety of choices: Allosaurus, Whale, Shark, Deer, and several styles of horses. We also own various wild and domestic animals from previous purchases and gifts. The color quality is well done, and realistic, and wow, are they ever sturdy! They take the punishment of years of hard play and are only damaged if the lawn mower or an aggressively interested dog gets to them.

From the Schleich website on the materials with which they are created:

The main materials we use are a variety of plastics and a special softener. We make sure that this is used in the same way all over the world so that small parts cannot break off our figures and the material is pleasant to the touch and not too hard. This softener was developed and tested by BASF for particularly demanding applications. It is not only approved for use in toy manufacturing but also for food packaging and for use in the medical field for example as bags for blood products, breathing tubes etc. This means that here too, we are meeting all legal requirements.

The bigger models like the Whale and the Allosaurus come with tiny attached booklets. These give a variety of educational information on the creature at hand; not only historical information, but also its size in relation to a human.

Not only does Schleich have wonderful animal reproductions, they also have a wide array of creative historical and fantasy miniature toys. My son cut his medieval teeth on the knights and their matching horses. What a great way to incorporate history and play. I highly recommend Schleich toys.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2011