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Jesus Rose from the Dead: The Evidence Review by Brandi Tesreau

By Catherine MacKenzie
Christian Focus Publications
Geanies House
Fearn, Tain
Ross-shire IV20 1TW
Scotland, UK
01862 871011

Truth. What does it mean? As Christian parents, we may be confident of its meaning and the role it plays in our lives. But what about our children? It is crucial for them to know how to defend the Truth. In less than a hundred pages, Catherine Mackenzie, in her book Jesus Rose from the Dead: The Evidence, guides children through a maze of evidence concerning the truth about Jesus and His miraculous resurrection.

Practical, applicable, and easy to read, this book will help children, ages 8-12, gain knowledge and understanding about their faith in God through His Son, Jesus. It all starts with learning "What is Truth?" Mackenzie stresses the importance of being able to discern truth from lies. My sixth grader thought the book was very easy to understand, and after I had the chance to read it, I now feel confident about passing it on to my third grader.

Before the Truth investigation begins, children can "Get Organized" by reading short bits of information such as vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar, what is the Bible, crucifixion, sin, forgiveness, and more. Also, for those who may be new to Christianity or for those who just need a refresher course, a "Bible Intro Section" is provided. Here, children will be briefly educated about creation, the Fall, and sin. An overview of Jesus' birth to resurrection and ascension is given as well. Throughout the book, the reader will be prompted to return to these pages to look up specific information.

Page 39 is where the serious investigation of Truth begins. It's divided into 7 sections:

•  Investigate the Truth

•  Did Jesus Die?

•  Was Jesus' Body Stolen?

•  Did People See Jesus After He Died?

•  Are There Reliable Sources?

•  Is Jesus Who He Claims to Be?

•  What Is Important?

The material within these chapters is clearly presented, with many Scripture references throughout. In fact, children are encouraged to go to the Bible and read for themselves. Different "tasks" are included to get kids involved in searching their Bibles for answers concerning prophecy and the resurrection, discerning between fact and fiction, and understanding that actions have consequences.

Because Catherine Mackenzie is a British author, the spelling of some words is slightly different from what American children may be used to, but this does not in any way take away from the book's pertinent message. It just might be something children may need to know before reading.

I highly recommend this book as a resource for giving children a solid faith foundation. It can also give children the confidence they need in order to share their faith with friends. For just $7.99, you can help your children see the overwhelming evidence of Christ and His resurrection.

Product review by Brandi Tesreau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2011