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Advent Foretold: A December Devotional for All Ages Review by Heidi Shaw

Gary and Wanda Sanseri
Back Home Industries

"Who can draw a picture of a man not yet born? Surely God and God alone." Canon Dyson Hague wrote this of the amazing gift God has given us in his Word. Throughout Scripture, prophesies tell us of the Someone marvelous who will be among us.

This wonderful book is the perfect complement to help us search out and discover the magnificence of these prophecies. Designed as a daily devotional for the month of December, the Sanseri’s explore, one at a time, these prophecies concerning the coming of Jesus Christ. Starting at the very beginning with Genesis and moving through the Old Testament and into the New, the Sanseri’s thoughtfully guide us with their vivid word pictures and caring commentaries. Each day’s devotional has a finely drawn picture to accompany it. You are welcome to photocopy these pictures for your children to color as you discuss the day’s verses. These are beautiful pictures, not cartoons. I know my teens will enjoy them as much as the younger children. During the study, while you explore the Word of God, you will be creating the basis for a great memory album that can be enjoyed and added to year after year. I plan to make this a yearly tradition at our house. The authors even suggest three-hole punching the guide and putting it into a binder. This way, when you repeat the study you can add new colored pages and any projects, notes, or pictures you are led to on your journey towards Christmas and what His birth really means.

There are all sorts of devotionals on the market that are full of games and activities to fill time. This guide studies the Scriptures and spends enough time on each verse to allow it to sink in and speak for itself. No fluff or extraneous games are necessary. I really believe this devotional will make a deep and profound impression on the hearts and minds of those who use it. Our understanding and faith will be deepened with each successive use. I am so thankful that the Sanseri’s took the time to write this study. Use it; develop a tradition year after year. You will be glad you did. Advent Foretold is available through the Sanseri’s Back Home Industries web site.

-- Product Review by: Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine