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Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Pre-schoolers (Ebook) Review by Stacy Rocha and Whitney Dunahee

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Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Pre-schoolers is an e-book available for immediate download as a PDF file for $12.45. Written by 14 homeschooling moms, this e-book contains over 80 pages of inspiration, activities, and ideas for engaging your preschooler. The life experiences of these moms are diverse and include families that live in the city, in the country, and around the world. Some families have only one child, while others have up to eight. The topics included are: Tot School, Field Trips, Chores, Music, Creating a Rich Learning Environment, Multi-Teaching, Educating, Activities, and Creative Things to Do with Your Preschooler.

Many times toddlers and preschoolers are forgotten about when it comes to schooling. In the article on Tot School by Carisa Hinson, we learn how to intentionally spend time with our preschoolers doing things that are fun and educational. Carisa also explains how she keeps track of what her son is learning by using an assessment sheet where she lists skills she wants to expose him to before kindergarten. Once he has displayed a skill three times, she marks it off.

One of my favorite articles was Music. I don't have any musical background, so I'm always looking for ways to include music in our homeschool. Some of the highlights from this article include research on how music can affect our moods, and how it doesn't affect our intelligence; b ible references to music; and a wealth of information on how to incorporate music into your homeschool.

The article on Creative Things offers over 80 ways to keep your preschooler busy while you are working with your older students. Ideas range from something as simple as an etch-a-sketch to things that require a little more planning, like filling a basin with corn meal and putting in some small toys, games pieces, etc. for your child to find.

As a mom of five children, I am always looking for ways to keep my little ones occupied and happy while I work with the older ones. Creating a rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Pre-schoolers has given me some great new ideas to use with my preschoolers. Coming from homeschooling moms who have lived with preschoolers, the ideas are right on target.

Product review by Stacy Rocha, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2010

Another review:

Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Preschoolers is an 85-page e-book available from It is a compilation of 13 articles written by homeschooling moms. The e-book covers a wide range of topics: organization, what to do with the preschooler while teaching older children, field trip ideas, games and activities, and much more! The authors write from heartfelt experience, and their wisdom and passion for preschoolers is evident in every article.

This e-book was a delightful refreshment to me. I've read many articles on the preschool age over the past several years and often find the same information repeated over and over. Not so with this book. I found several new ideas and was also reminded of ideas I have used in the past but had forgotten. Included are many practical ideas and suggestions that are ready to be put into use in the homeschool. The entire tone of the e-book is one of appreciating and treasuring the preschool years. This is a book I will re-read any time I need an extra dose of inspiration with the preschool age group. Whether you are just contemplating the possibility of homeschooling or are several years into the experience; whether you are homeschooling one child or many; whether your learning style leans towards unschooling, Charlotte Mason, textbooks, or another approach, this e-book has something to offer you.

Product review by Whitney Dunahee, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2010