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God Gave Us So Much Review by Melissa Cummings

By Lisa Tawn Bergren
WaterBrook Press
12265 Oracle Blvd. Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

A treasury of three books in one, God Gave Us So Much is truly a priceless addition to your bookshelf, whether at home, in the church library, in Sunday school, or in the classroom. God Gave Us the World, God Gave Us Love, and God Gave Us Heaven work together in this treasury to teach young readers about God's creation, character, and home.

These books follow Little Cub's youthful adventures in the polar realm, full of curiosity and questions, as she seeks wisdom and insight from Mama, Papa, and Grampa about the world, love, and heaven. Biblical truths are presented throughout the book, described in easily understandable terms for children. Timeless questions are presented for discussion, such as, "Could we ever do something to make God not love us?" and "Will I get to see you in heaven?" These questions are just examples of the many springboards throughout the book for further conversation with your child about God's love for us, our love for each other, death, life in heaven, and caring for God's creation here on earth.

In God Gave Us The World, Little Cub gains insight about the diversity of her race, learning about different kinds of bears from around the world. She learns from her mama that God created each bear the way He did simply because He is the Creator. She learns to be thankful for the other bears around the world, to care for the world, and also to be thankful that God created her just the way she is.

Little Cub's Grampa teaches her about the paradoxical complexities and simplicities of love in God Gave Us Love. Your child will identify with many of Little Cub's questions about loving siblings, the love between her parents, and God's love for her.

Everyone will come into contact with death eventually, and sometimes it is very difficult to discuss death and heaven with small children. God Gave Us Heaven is a great conversation starter on the subject for your child. As Little Cub's papa tells her about how we get to heaven, what life will be like in heaven, and who we will see in heaven, your child will get to think about how they will get there and who they will see there. Little Cub even asks the question, "Will I be old like Grandma when I go to heaven?" and her papa explains that he hopes so, but some of us get to see it sooner than others.

Each of the three books in this treasury ends with Little Cub thinking about what she has learned and turning her heart toward God. It is a lovely example for your child to see Little Cub apply the wisdom of her parents and grandfather to her own heart and relationship with God.

Throughout God Gave Us So Much, the illustrations are absolutely delightful. Little Cub's world, family, friends, and imagination are depicted in a colorful and detailed manner, making each page both inviting and enchanting.

The book itself is beautifully published and bound. From the hardcover with its soft texture to the smooth pages, it feels good in your hands. The blue satin bookmark that is sewn into the binding is a great addition, especially since there are three books combined into this one treasury. For $20.00, this book is a good investment and well priced. Although it is a good book for any age, the reading level is geared toward elementary readers. From grandparents to small toddlers, everyone will enjoy the flow of the stories, the charming illustrations, and the poignant lessons Little Cub shares.

Product review by Melissa Cummings, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2010