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A Girl's Guide to Growing Up Review by Christine Hindle

Marsh Media
8025 Ward Parkway Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64114

A Girl's Guide to Growing Up is a wonderful curriculum for teaching girls going through puberty or about to go through puberty about the changes in their bodies and the things they need to know about maintaining their bodies. The set includes a DVD, a teaching guide, and student booklets. The student booklet follows the DVD word for word.

The Teacher's Guide contains a lot of extras, such as reproducible worksheets that enhance the student book and DVD. Included are activities and checklists that help the girls remember the material being presented. It is all very tastefully presented, and the pictures and graphics are very nice.

This study can be presented over five days, five weeks, or all at once. The material presents the topic all at once in an orderly format. All of us teach our daughters these things, and this provides a format for doing it that brings it all together.

I believe this material will be very helpful to moms presenting this topic to their daughters. We will certainly use this material in our homeschool and are very grateful for the aid it will provide. The message presented here is "Growing up is an exciting time. You will be just fine."

The material is described by Marsh Media as "designed for students with mild to moderate disabilities," but I feel that it is appropriate for all students. The website describes the kit as a "DVD/Video (Run Time: 16:43)," a "teaching guide (36 pages)," and "packets of 10 student booklets (32 pages each)." The price of this kit is $149.95, although the components can be bought separately. The kit is also available in Spanish. It would be beneficial for a homeschool group to pool their individual resources and buy the kit together. If ten families did this, it would be a nominal cost of $15 apiece, and they could each have a student booklet. They would just have to share the teacher's guide and the DVD. The company also makes a similar product for boys.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2010