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iMinds Review by Kathy Gelzer


Time is a valuable commodity and we never seem to have enough of it. Sometimes I feel I can't squeeze in one more thing. Enter iMinds, which produces short audio books on numerous topics in the areas of science, philosophy, history, sports, the arts, and religion to name a few.

The beauty of these recordings is the eight-minute length. Think of all the eight-minute time slot potentials in your day: exercising, eating lunch, doing yard work, driving to music lessons, or getting dinner together. The short amount of time required, the affordability ($1.69), and the superb quality add up to a winning combination. The voices (Australian accents, I believe), perfect diction, and accuracy of information make for easy and interesting listening--and learning!

I was able to download a sampling of the products: Thanksgiving, Aurora Borealis, Bay of Pigs, Great Fire of London, Eternal Truths, and Rosetta Stone. There are more than 400 titles from which to choose. We tried them as a family, and I must admit that I was not expecting my children (ages ten, twelve, and fifteen) to be thrilled, as these downloads are aimed at adults who wish to fill some holes in their knowledge. To my surprise, the kids loved them! They found them interesting and concise, and appreciated the broad vocabulary used and the background music.

Each audio book has carefully chosen, appropriate background music that fits the mood of the topic. At times, the music seemed to be competing with the narrator for center-stage. I would have preferred a lower volume level for the music.

It is amazing how much pertinent information is packed into these short downloads. Background, dates, and the significance of the topic are all covered. I would encourage you to check out the iMinds website to download some quality knowledge-to-go!

Product review by Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2010