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Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Pack with 1 Student Workbook Review by Maggi Beardsley

Dave Ramsey
Lampo Press
1749 Mallory Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027

Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Pack is the beginning Dave Ramsey course for young adults. It includes four DVDs of Dave's teaching, one student workbook with 224 pages, and a Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM. The Teacher's Guide includes lesson plans, activities, case studies, answer keys, assessments, and recorded calls from The Dave Ramsey Show. You will need a DVD player to watch the DVDs.

This homeschool pack is great for seniors in high school through young adults in their mid-20s, although younger money-minded youth would also benefit from the series. There is a lot of information included. Some information is applicable to high school seniors as they head off into college while other information is more valuable to students graduating from college or getting started as adults. Here are the titles of the units: Savings and Investing, Credit and Debt, Financial Responsibility and Money Management, Insurance/Risk Management, and Income/Careers.

I have heard the name Dave Ramsey for a number of years. While I was studying about home finance in a Bible study group, my friends were studying Dave Ramsey's material. Needless to say I was excited to have the opportunity to review his material! This pack is reasonably priced for the information that is delivered. You could purchase additional student workbooks and watch the DVDs with a group of young adults or share the DVDs with your support group. Dave has written other books, which you can find on his website This website has many valuable resources, some of which require a membership.

Rachel Ramsey, Dave's daughter, talks candidly on the DVDs, making the DVDs appealing to the young. I enjoyed the variety of presentation on the DVD. There were breakaways when they interviewed young people, lectures from Dave, and casual talks from Dave and Rachel. I also appreciated the emphasis on paying for things that you can afford, not trying to keep up the neighbors. It was fun to listen to the thoughts of other young people on financial concepts. The DVD segments are short enough to watch one in an evening, complete the workbook, and discuss the information with the family.

This homeschool pack is an excellent course to teach students to prepare for the future, to live within their means, and to figure out how to manage their finances. It is not specifically part of traditional high school curriculum. For my children, I believe that it is a critical part of their overall education, but it is an elective course. We have watched it once, and I believe we will watch it again and again. Following the principles that Dave puts forth in Foundations in Personal Finance will position my children to be able to use money wisely. The only disadvantage I saw to the homeschool pack was the time it takes to get through all four DVDs. You definitely cannot watch all of the DVDs in one sitting. However, I think that parents and students alike would absorb more information if they watched one or two sections a day.

I highly recommend Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Pack. Grab a few teens, pop some popcorn, watch Dave's videos, and enjoy the vision that Dave will help to create in your students.

Product review by Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2010