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Dream Big But Beware of the Dream Killers Review by Kendra Fletcher

By Todd Wilson
Familyman Ministries
Milford, IN 46542

Sometimes the smallest things can pack the biggest punch. Todd Wilson's newest book, Dream Big But Beware of the Dream Killers, is one such small thing with a big impact. Within just 84 pages, Todd manages to encourage those of us who have ever dreamed of pursuing something--from unique careers to amazing feats (sailing around the world, anyone?) to adopting a child from a foreign country. What is keeping you from going after that God-sized thing that He has put there?

Is it possible someone deflated your dream bubble because they thought it was too risky ("You have a perfectly good job; why would you walk away from an ample salary and solid benefits?"), improbable ("You don't even know how to sail a boat!"), or uncomfortable ("Aren't the four children you already have enough?"). The world is full of dream killers, Todd warns, and not only do we need to learn to look past them, we most especially need to learn not to become them.

The book was good, I thought, and then I hit the section on our children and their scary dreams. Shamefully I began to realize that I really have killed some of my kids' dreams already. But what if my teenager's dream is really stupid? Todd says, "God is big enough to kill dumb dreams. You focus on loving your dreamer." Great stuff, isn't it? Profound, really. And listen to this: "If you don't [love your dreamer] and decide to take a stand against them, then you will have no influence in their lives."

Big impact, small book. I think you'll want to read the rest.

Product review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2010