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Thy Will Be Done on Earth Review by Jennifer Harrison

By Robert Lloyd Russell
6000 NE Livingston Road
Camas, WA 98607 USA

Ever struggle with making a decision? Generally, when I hear someone mention desiring God's will, I think of high school graduates trying to decide on a college, singles looking for their perfect mate, or couples contemplating becoming parents--you know, the really big issues. But the truth is, everyday decisions/struggles also fall under the blanket of God's will. We serve an awesome God who cares just as much about our tiny moments as He does our major moments. It's overwhelming to recognize that the almighty Creator of the universe actively cares about which math curriculum best fits your child, and it's a relief to realize He isn't being cryptic with His answers

Thy Will Be Done on Earth is a refreshing book that tackles the topic of God's will; more specifically, it tackles the topic of understanding God's will for you. It is an easy read, but the material is worth chewing on slowly. Every part of the book relies on scripture, and is very diligent to refer readers to the source of its content. The book is divided into four sections. The first part is an enlightening look at the three aspects of God's will: God's sovereign will (His big-picture plans for all mankind,) God's general will (His desire for mankind as laid out in Scripture,) and God's specific will (God's specific desire for you.) These aspects are laid out as a foundation for the rest of the book to build upon. The author even shares them in a chart for easy reference.

After the foundation has been established, Part Two discusses the "general will," helping readers to understand the model God has lined out for us in Scripture and the importance of relationship and of obedience. Many of us are eager to discover God's specific plans for us without a willingness to acknowledge His sovereign will or his general will. These first two portions of the book gently guide readers to that acknowledgement and a deeper relationship with Christ. One of my favorite quotes from this portion sums it up well: "With Heaven in view you will not sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate, and obedience will be the natural outcome."

Part Three enters the realm of discernment and illustrates how to make decisions that consistently fall in line with God's specific will for your life. Part Four reveals the beauty of a life lived for the glory of God, helping readers to accept the grace given for our previous decisions and to recognize the benefits of walking in God's will. Both sections establish a model for continuous growth in Christ.

While an excellent book for individual study, Thy Will Be Done on Earth would also make a nice book for a study group. Short chapters are followed by Think and Grow questions that send you directly to the Bible for answers. An appendix at the back of the book outlines a plan for creating either a 13-lesson or a 6-lesson group study. It's staggering to think about what could be accomplished if church groups actively and collectively sought God's will.

Whether in a group, as a couple, or completely alone with God, Thy Will Be Done on Earth is an incredible tool as a gentle but firm-footed guide to pulling aside the shroud of mystery and walking in the freedom of God's will.

Product review by Jennifer Harrison, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2010