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Never Pay Retail for College: Financial Aid Maximization System E-Book Review by Amy M. O'Quinn

Andrew Lockwood, JD and Peter Ratzan, MBA
College Planning Specialists of Florida, Inc.
1825 Main Street
Weston, FL 33326

If you have a child who is planning to attend college within a few years, you will find this e-book, Never Pay Retail for College, by Andrew Lockwood and Peter Ratzan to be worthwhile reading! In today's economy, many parents simply have no way of saving the full amount for their child's college education. And if they have put funds aside for that purpose, they are usually shocked to find that the money saved is usually just a drop in the bucket in comparison to what higher education actually ends up costing! I know firsthand from my own college-attending daughters that tuition costs in our area have gone up quite a bit since last year. So what's a family to do?

The subtitle of this e-book is "A comprehensive, money-saving guide to maximizing your eligibility for aid even if you've been told 'You won't qualify!' " And while that's quite a mouthful, the authors have indeed left no stone unturned as they present information that is designed to help the " 'forgotten middle class' parents of college-bound teens, struggling with how to cope with the high costs of college." (from the e-book)

They also state (on their website) that this resource is a "collection of valuable facts, tips and strategies we employ every day for our clients. Now you can use the same methods immediately to obtain more grants, scholarships and other financial aid than you thought was possible.

The same tactics are being used by others - no smarter and, in some cases with higher incomes and assets than you - to qualify for shocking amounts of financial aid."

Never Pay Retail for College is a how-to manual that guides the parent around possible pitfalls and gives information about filling out the often-confusing forms that are mandatory when applying for financial aid, including the infamous FAFSA statement. According to the authors, many people (up to 53% of qualifying families) don't apply for financial aid because they think they make too much money. They don't want to bother filling out forms because they don't think they'll qualify anyway. In addition, the forms truly can be a headache to complete. However, according to Lockwood and Ratzan, EVERYONE should apply for financial aid. They quote the Wall Street Journal as reporting that "families earning six-figures regularly receive five-figure financial aid awards." In this e-book, the authors share ideas, strategies, and insider secrets on how to maximize your chances of qualifying for that aid.

Chapter titles include "How To Read This Book," "Why You Won't Hear Any of This Info from Your Counselor," "The Five Biggest Financial Aid Myths," "How To Build Your College List," "Three 'Good Debt' Options," "Avoiding Scholarship Scams," and many more.

The authors also offer workshops about this same information, and they have helped many parents navigate the uncertain maze of trying to help their children receive a college education without forfeiting everything they have. They stress the importance of starting early to prepare for applying for financial aid. You can find out more about this e-book, upcoming workshops, products and services, articles, and more at .

Product review by Amy M. O'Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010