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The Creation Story for Children Review by Christine Hindle

By Helen and David Haidle
Master Books
PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR 72638

The Creation Story for Children by Helen and David Haidle is a beautiful way to introduce the creation story to your children. It is 40 glossy pages of somewhat whimsical pictures with the story right from the Bible but supplemented with narrative that brings it home to your child.

For each day of creation, the author tells some of the wonders of that day's creation. For instance, there is Genesis 1:20-23 when God introduced birds to our world. The author goes on to explain how amazing birds are. They have lightweight, hollow bones that enable them to fly. They are all different--different colors, beaks, claws, feathers, etc. Their eggs have distinctive sizes and colors; and they each have a distinct "song" or sound.

On the seventh day, God declared it a day of rest. God wasn't tired, the author explains, but He knew we would need some down time. This is not the end of the book, however. There are six pages about amazing animals God created. Following that, the authors help the reader understand that he/she is very special to God. Several pages of Psalms exhibit the point that nobody knows me like God does: God hears me, God is with me, God formed me, God made me, God counts my days, God thinks about me, and God will lead me. There is a lot of theology here but in such a way that a small child can grasp it and own it.

I love this book, and I know that my granddaughter will want me to read it to her over and over. Young children have such a thirst for information about God, and this book gives it to them in a very thorough and enjoyable way.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010