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Somewhere to Belong (Daughters of Amana, Book 1) Review by Heidi Miller-Ford

By Judith Miller
Bethany House
6030 East Fulton Road
Ada, MI 49301

If you enjoy books about the Amish or other bonnet fiction books, the Amana group will interest you as well. This story takes place in the 1800s. Johanna Ilg has lived all her life with her family in one of the Amana villages. They are very devoted Christians; however, Johanna has often secretly wondered what's outside the boundaries of their community. When Berta Schumacher, a city girl from Chicago, shows up with her family to join their community, Johanna is put in charge of her and has her hands full. She also begins to think about the outside world more than ever before. Family secrets that are finally revealed to both Johanna and Berta make them wonder about where they really belong. This story takes you into the lives of two completely different girls both struggling to find a place they can call home. They develop an unlikely friendship and learn a lot from each other along the way.

This Christian-based book is easy to read, and the plot moves along at a nice pace. With some romance, drama, and great life lessons, this was an enjoyable book to read. In fact, I couldn't wait till I had a chance to sit down and read it again each day. I'm a fan of books about the Amish, and this one ranks right up there with those types of books. This was the first in a series, and I am looking forward to reading the next one.

Product review by Heidi Miller-Ford, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010