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WordBooks Series (Salvation, Giving, Communion, Church, Baptism) Review by Jenny Thompson

By Richard E. Todd
Wing Spread Publishers

Richard E. Todd has written a series of Bible study books for children in grades 2-5 which will help them gain a greater understanding of spiritual concepts while having fun. The series is called WordBooks, and it includes these five titles: Salvation, Giving, Communion, Church, and Baptism. Each book in the series is set up in essentially the same way, with instructions for teachers/parents in the front, followed by 3-5 short chapters for kids to do on their own. Text and Scripture verses are intermixed with word puzzles, coloring pages, fill-in-the-blanks, and much more. A quiz is given at the end of the book so that parents can see what their child has learned.

These Bible study books are the perfect length--long enough to get the point across without becoming boring. Younger children may need assistance reading some of the material, completing the activities, and answering the questions. For older children, the books may serve as a springboard for deeper discussions into the topics presented. Mr. Todd is never preachy with his message; he simply offers the truth of God's Word without interjecting his own interpretation. This versatile series can be used as a Bible curriculum for homeschoolers, a devotional time for families, or Sunday school material in the elementary grades.

The entertaining activities and black-and-white illustrations in each book of the WordBooks series will keep children engaged and focused on spiritual truths. Richard E. Todd presents the Bible in such a way that children and their families will want to know more. I highly recommend these wonderful books.

Product review by Jenny Thompson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010