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Social Studies Connects Series Review by Nicole Teichroeb

The Kane Press
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7206
New York, NY 10118

Social Studies Connects is a series of books that uses fun and interesting stories to teach about history, geography, economics, civics, and culture. There are 29 books in the series. Most of the books are recommended for grades 1-3, though there are a few that are recommended for grades K-2 instead.

In The Best Mothers Day Ever, Lucy wants make Mother's Day special for her mom, but usually her ideas end in some sort of disaster. Her friend Diego teaches her about Mother's Day customs in Mexico, and Lucy decides to give her mom a Mexican Mother's Day surprise. She teaches Diego about American customs so that he can give his mom an American Mother's Day.

In My Brother the Knight, Colin is fascinated with knights and wishes he could be one. His brother Jared challenges him to live like a knight for one whole week. As the week goes on, Jared learns many things from his brother about how the knights lived, how they ate, and how things were done during the Middle Ages.

In Check It Out, Jamie is so excited when she hears that Grandpa is coming for a visit, but when Grandpa starts telling some amazing stories she decides to play detective and prove that they aren't true. As she starts researching what it was like when Grandpa was her age, she is surprised to learn that not only are his stories true but that there are lots of interesting things that happened back then.

This is a wonderful series of books, and I hope to eventually buy the entire set for my children. Each book teaches something, and it is done in such a fun and interesting way that children don't even realize they are learning. I highly recommend this series.

Product review by Nicole Teichroeb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2010