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The Wagon Review by Brandi Tesreau

By Tracy D. Kleypas
Tate Publishing
127 East Trade Center Terrace
Mustang, OK 73064

In her debut children's book, The Wagon, Tracy D. Kleypas weaves a story of a little girl and her wagon filled with treasure to illustrate a much deeper meaning: the relationship between a wayward child and a loving heavenly Father.

Madison Kate is about to begin her journey into the world--away from her parents. She starts off with a shiny, red wagon full of smooth, white pearls and sparkling, ruby hearts. These represent God's gifts of love, kindness, joy, and other fruits of the Spirit. When it's time to start school, Maddie stuffs her backpack with her treasured hearts and pearls, but when she faces various temptations, her hearts and pearls are slowly replaced with heavy, burdensome rocks of hate, pride, fear, and the like. With her parents' help, Maddie realizes, "These rocks came in between Jesus and me."

I really liked the story's message of God's faithfulness and forgiveness, and children will have no problem relating to Maddie and her worldly trials. I enjoyed the fact that this book was written as a word picture, but I am not a fan of long, rhyming paragraphs. I would have liked the book better had it been written in prose. I know this is just a personal preference, and it's really my only "complaint."

The Wagon can be purchased online in paperback (24 pages) for $8.99 or as an e-book download for $5.99. Included with the paperback is a coupon code for a free audio book digital download. Great for folks on the go!

Product review by Brandi Tesreau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2010