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Timelines of World History Review by Diane Wheeler

Knowledge Quest Maps
(503) 663-1210

"Knowledge Quest timelines are not only lovely, but they are sturdy and durable." -- The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

We love history, and since beginning a chronological study of world history, it has become even more exciting. We have been able to see what people were inventing, composing, conquering, and building all at the same time, as well as how certain movements or philosophies created an environment ripe for new wars, ideas, or religious events. One of the most important tools in learning the sequence of events is a timeline.

When unrolled and viewed in its entirety, a timeline can be a physical picture of the passage of time. However, I have easily been thwarted by the "how to" of the project. What kind of paper? What size? How do I make the date markings durable? Well, thanks to Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest, the job has been made simple. Terri has created four timelines to cover the entire scope of history. They are divided into Ancient History (5000 B.C. - A.D. 400), Medieval History (A.D. 400 - A.D. 1600), New World History (1600-1850), and Modern History (1850 - the present.) Printed on cardstock, each timeline is ten feet by one foot, and can easily be rolled-up for storage, or posted on the wall for viewing and working.

The Ancient History and the Medieval History timelines divide time into centuries; the New World History divides time into blocks of twenty-five years; and the Modern History divides time into decades. Each timeline also comes with stickers that represent fifteen different categories of historical events, including literature, art, exploration, medicine, wars, and religious events. There is plenty of space to put the stickers, add information, and create a very thorough timeline for the period you are studying.

Having Terri's timelines with dates marked and stickers ready, allows my children to create a timeline and to learn about history with much less hassle on my part. As anyone with wrinkled, ripped, or otherwise marred attempts at a timeline can attest, you want the hard work of your timeline to last. Knowledge Quest timelines are not only lovely, but are sturdy and durable.

To order one or all of the timelines, or to see the other excellent products that they have to offer, contact Knowledge Quest on the web at, or you can call them at (503) 663-1210. The cost for each timeline (including four pages of stickers) is $17.95 plus shipping and handling. Knowledge Quest is a company worth supporting. Terri, a homeschool mother of four, knows the needs of the homeschool teacher from the inside. The quality of her products reflects that and enhances our study of history while making it easier and more enjoyable. Thanks, Terri!

-- Product Review by: Diane Wheeler, Senior Staff Writer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine