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Environmental Science Project Pack Review by Heather Randall

By Katie Kubesh, Niki McNeil, and Kimm Bellotto
In the Hands of a Child
3271 Kerlikowske Road
Coloma, MI 49038

The company name may be In the Hands of a Child, but their Environmental Science Project Pack is far from childish. The Project Pack is 140 pages of spiral bound instruction. Included are 15 chapters to be read and studied as well as 37 mini book activities to strengthen retention and promote understanding. You will also find wonderful extension activities that foster social action, research, and community awareness. Project Packs are designed to be low stress for teachers. All of the instruction is prepared and at your fingertips. Additional supplies that you will need include file folders, crayons, a glue stick or tape, and a stapler. Think of a Project Pack as a lapbook without all the work of preparation. All of the components are reproducible. You may want to have a printer or access to one, as well as ink and colored paper.

This highly adaptable Project Pack is written with high school students in mind. It is so thorough and complex that I would use it as a complete unit study. It could also be a supplement to an already existing curriculum, but that might be quite an undertaking for a student. With this Project Pack, students will learn about environmental science in a challenging, highly motivational, hands-on approach. The Project Pack itself is a great addition to a portfolio. It provides excellent tangible evidence of their hard work. The extension activities are very advanced and well thought out. They would look beautiful on any high school transcript or college application.

In the Hands of a Child is a very impressive company. They clearly take the time to make their unit studies the most educational, impacting, and fun studies that a student may be exposed to. Environmental science is a very important topic that students today need to build awareness of. I cannot think of a more engaging way to learn about the earth's systems, non-renewable energy, and hazardous waste.

The Project Pack is priced at $30.00. When you include the cost of paper, art supplies, and printer ink, the cost will clearly go up. That being said, the Environmental Science Project Pack may be the best, non-stressful way to provide your child with a complete and well-researched environmental science education. I was impressed by the quality, and I think you will be too.

Product review by Heather Randall, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2010