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The Crossmaker Review by Christine Hindle

Pat Holt
See The Light Shine / Legacy 4 God Publishing

This DVD features a grandfather telling his grandchildren stories about Jesus. The backdrop for the stories is a marvelous artist doing chalk drawings of Jesus and scenes from the stories. There are two stories: The Crossmaker and Jesus Loves the Children. The Crossmaker is about a little boy whose family makes crosses. He delivers the one to be used for Jesus and witnesses the crucifixion. He is crushed by guilt for his part but he meets the resurrected Jesus on the road and finds forgiveness and love. Jesus Loves the Children is the familiar Bible story about the disciples telling the children to leave Jesus alone, but Jesus tells them to let the children come to Him.

The background music is wonderful, and the chalk illustrations are spectacular. But there is much more on this DVD! There are more chalk drawing demonstrations and even a teaching session showing children step-by-step how to make their own chalk drawings. The really interesting thing about the chalk drawing on this DVD is that they use a black light; when the lights are turned off, another picture emerges superimposed on the original drawing. The pictures are very inspirational, and my granddaughter was fascinated by the artist's technique. She is eager to watch the DVD over and over again to try to perfect the technique herself. My younger granddaughter was compelled by the stories about Jesus. She asked some pretty deep questions for an almost five-year-old.

This DVD would be a great addition to your home or church library and would be suitable for all ages. There is something here for everyone. The website even offers an Art Club. This DVD sells for $14.99 on the See The Light Shine website.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2010