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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Review by Heidi Miller-Ford

2919 Canton St.
Dallas, TX 75226

One important piece of equipment used by all mothers is a stroller. A good one is vital to being able to function in outdoor activities and outings. A bad one can make your life miserable. Joovy has several different types of strollers that can meet your needs. I was able to review that Joovy Caboose Ultralight, which was perfect for my family.

This double stroller lives up to its name by being surprisingly light, weighing only 21 pounds. It's hard to find a double stroller this light. It's easy to fold and unfold very quickly without having to fumble around with a bunch of latches, buttons, or handles. The front of the stroller has a regular seat for children who are six months old or older and up to 45 pounds. There is a universal car seat adapter that can be snapped onto the front to hold any infant car seat. I particularly liked this because when my child falls asleep in the car, I don't want to have to take her out of the car seat to put her in the stroller. This makes for an easy transition and keeps her asleep. One downside to the car seat adapter is that it makes the stroller a little longer when you are trying to fit it in the back of your car. However, the attachment is very easy to remove and can be quickly taken off before you put the stroller into the car. It's worth the extra step to be able to put the car seat into the stroller.

The back seat and platform is for children who are at least two and a half years old and up to 45 pounds. A toddler can either stand facing forward or turn around and sit on the seat and ride. There are handlebars for when the child is standing or a seat belt when sitting. I really liked the idea of the toddler seat/platform, and so did my daughter. However, the area where the toddler sits is a little small when using the car seat because the front seat must be reclined to the second position, taking up some of the space where the toddler would be sitting. It gets even tighter if the front seat is fully reclined. All of this depends on the size of your child, of course. My daughter is very small for her age and was still able to fit on the seat, but I can see how this could be a problem for a larger child. The toddler seat can be moved backwards out of the way when the platform is being used.

This stroller is very easy to push. The wheels move very smoothly and turn easily. They can also be locked into place to stay straight. I do recommend locking the wheels before collapsing the stroller. Even though the stroller is easy to fold, locking the wheels makes it easier to get it into a more compact position quickly.

I have a very sunny trail that runs in front of my house. When we're walking on it, a canopy that provides shade for my children is a must. A lot of strollers do not have adequate canopies to protect the children from the sun. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight has a canopy that is nice and large, covering both the younger and older child in the stroller. I did find at times that the canopy got in the way when both children were in the stroller and the canopy wasn't being used. It can easily be removed, though, with the simple push of two buttons on either side.

I think storage space on a stroller is very important. I often have a purse, diaper bag, and other items with me when shopping. Being able to store some of these items in the stroller rather than carrying them makes it much easier. The basket on the stroller is a decent size, but because the toddler seat is above it, it can be difficult to get larger items into it with a seat in the way. I had to put things into the basket before my daughter sat down or there was no way I could get them in. Also, if you need to get something out, the child must get out of the stroller first. There are extra pockets on the sides as well, but they are not very big. A nice little feature that attaches to the handlebar is the neoprene cup holder with a small zippered pocket. The cup holder will keep a drink warm or cold, and the small pocket is great for holding keys or a cell phone.

Overall, I love the stroller. I have three children and have owned several strollers over the years. This one is by far the easiest to use and the most functional, and it is very well built. I can see this stroller lasting for many years. If you have an infant and a toddler, this stroller will definitely make your life easier. Most toddlers want to be independent and walk on their own; however, at some point they do tire and want to ride. Having that extra seat or place to stand is so convenient. The pros far outweigh the few cons that I've mentioned in this review, and I would recommend this stroller to anyone in the market for a good double stroller.

Product review by Heidi Miller-Ford, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2010