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State History from a Christian Perspective Review by Tina Rice

Joy Dean
For Grades 3-8

Do you want a fun, inexpensive, thorough, and easy-to-teach state history course? How about a history course taught from a Christian perspective? Well, look no further! Joy Dean of A Helping Hand has put together State History from a Christian Perspective.

This 30 lesson course for third through eighth grades is expandable from 6 to 32 weeks and includes lesson plans and a state history student booklet (all 50 states are available). The student will construct a keepsake notebook about his state, using either My State Notebook by A Beka Book or his own three-ring binder. Suggestions are provided to adapt this program for grades 9-12. State History from a Christian Perspective correlates with My State History Funbook and State History from a Christian Perspective, One-Semester Independent Study Guide.

The lesson plan book has notes to the teacher that include a material list, detailed course information, field trip suggestions, optional research and in-depth project ideas, and instructions about studying your state constitution. Topics presented include interesting facts, border states, geographic features, land regions, scenery, state flower and tree, state bird, state motto and song, state seal and flag, weather, early settlement, Indians, explorers, people, landmarks, government, industry, plants and animals, sports and recreation, and more! The state student booklet contains items to include in the state notebook, quizzes, tests, and a listing of where to obtain free travel brochures and state information. This is a wonderful state history program. Teacher preparation is minimal. This is not a course that you can hand over to your student and expect him or her to work on independently. If you want a self-teaching state history program, look elsewhere.

-- Product Review by: Tina Rice, Senior Research, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC