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Christianity & Entertainment Review by Christine Hindle

By Philip Telfer
Mediatalk 101
PO Box 201
Mt. Carol, IL 65103

Christianity & Entertainment is a 128-page workbook dealing with the bombardment of our hearts and minds by the various media we have available today: television, movies, computers, video game systems, etc. It is intended for ages 12 to adult.

The author begins with a history of media and points out that in this century we have exponentially more media sources than in any previous time in history. He then outlines the problem with all this media saturation in our lives. He shows the reader through the Scriptures how much of this is not a good thing. The author helps the reader see for him/herself what the effects of exposure to some of these things can be on us and how they can pull us farther and farther away from our Savior.

The author asks questions to get the reader to think about the subject and internalize the message. He also provides tools to use to explore the subject further, such as the Media Discernment Worksheet in the section entitled "The Counterfeit Life." The worksheet is a checklist to use when watching a television program, viewing a website you use frequently, viewing advertisements, etc. You check off all the things that apply. There are 19 categories, including Lovers of self (selfish), Lovers of money (greed, covetousness), Boastful (bragging, proud), Arrogant (conceited, stuck up), and the list goes on. I think this is most helpful in helping us realize how much garbage we are exposed to by the media bombardment of our senses.

In one of the later chapters, called "Power in Unplugging," the author quotes Matthew 5:8, which says, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Following this are two questions with blanks for filling in your response. First, "Have you ever been to a Christian Camp or retreat and God seemed to be nearer? Why do you think that is?" And the other question is, "Have you considered that being away from media for a few days might allow your heart to clear a little?"

This is a very thought provoking study, and I think it would be a valuable resource for anyone. My granddaughter and I are going through this workbook together as part of her Bible study and are both benefiting greatly from it. I think we all realize that too much media bombardment is not good, but until we sit down and really examine each point carefully, I don't think we understand just how important it is to step back and reexamine our own involvement in these things. This workbook is $12.00 and worth every penny! I feel blessed that I was chosen to do this review, because we needed this study.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2010