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Easy Daysies Magnetic Scheduling Kits Review by Whitney Dunahee


What homeschool mom isn't looking for new ways to help her children be organized? Finding new organizational systems that will work for our family is an ongoing search for me so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review several magnetic schedule products from Easy Daysies. Easy Daysies are a line of products designed by a mom and teacher. The purpose of the products is to help kids develop organization and routines by use of a visual schedule. The products are colorful and feature fun graphics.

The Easy Daysies Starter Kit includes a Fold and Go Portable Magnetic Board and 18 magnets of daily activities. Examples of the daily activities are: brush teeth, make bed, clean up. Each of these magnets has the task both in words and in pictures so the system can be used by readers and nonreaders alike. The magnetic board can be hung on a wall or refrigerator. The magnets for the child's routine are applied to the front. Magnets not being used on a particular day can simply be stuck to the back of the magnetic board. The magnets can be applied down the middle of the board and left in place for the child to refer to throughout the day. Alternately, the magnets can start out on the left side of the board and as the child completes an item that magnet can be moved to the right side.

As I was examining the Starter Kit, one of my thoughts was "It's too bad there aren't some blank magnets included." Much to my delight the next product I pulled out to review was a packet of Blank Magnets and Clocks! In fact I found out that many of the kits include blank magnets so the schedule can be completely personalized for each child. For older children the clock magnets can be used to help them stay on schedule. This add on pack includes six blank task magnets and six blank clocks. A dry erase marker can be used to label these as you wish.

The Easy Daysies Chores and Rewards pack comes with seven magnetic chores and two blank chore magnets. Each of these magnets has a series of boxes which can be checked off with a dry erase marker as the child completes the chore. Easy Daysies Classroom Kit includes 15 school subjects or activities (such as recess or lunch) as well as three blank magnets. Many homeschool families will find this kit valuable for helping younger students to follow the school day routine. Like the other kits, the magnets include both text and a picture.

All of the kits I mentioned can be used on the Fold & Go magnetic board or a refrigerator, white board, or other magnetic surface in your home. The magnets I received were not waterproof, but the newest products they now sell are. The magnets are sturdy and are large enough not to be a choking hazard to young children. Their size also makes them easy for preschoolers to handle.

It is possible to use the system with more than one child. Magnets which apply to all children can be used as is. A dry erase marker can be used to write a child's name on a magnet that applies specifically to him or her. For times in the schedule where multiple children have their own tasks to do, those magnets can be placed side by side. The system is intended for children ages 3-12. I am using it with my five year old daughter and she loves moving the magnets to the right side as she completes a task. She likes being able to see what comes next in her schedule.

The Easy Daysies products have a cheerful look to them. If you are looking for a fun, positive way to help your children develop routines and organizational habits check out the product line at

Product Review by Whitney Dunahee, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2010