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Various Books from Rebuilders of the Foundations of America's Christian Heritage Review by Christine Hindle

Dorothy E. Robbins
America's Christian Heritage
11037 Erickson Way #79
Redding, CA 96003
530 241-1149

Dominion, Authority and the Various Spheres of Society

This is a spiral-bound book consisting of 29 pages. A good companion to any American history study, it simply discusses the Biblical principles of dominion and authority in a very concise and detailed fashion. I could not find this book listed on the website, so I don't know what the actual cost is. But based on other books on the site, I am sure it is very reasonably priced and would be helpful to any teenager or adult studying American history or American government from a Christian perspective.

America's Christian History of the Constitution

This correspondence course on the Constitution consists of a spiral-bound course manual with 50 pages of instructions, lesson plans, timelines, maps, graphs, etc. Also part of the course is 12 CDs. I was only sent 2 of the CDs for review, so I was unable to follow through the entire course, but the CDs are recordings of Mrs. Robbins doing the teaching that goes along with each lesson. She encourages the students' active participation during her talk. For example, in one instance she instructs them to draw diagrams on the board that will illustrate the point being made. This course is comprehensive and thought provoking, and I believe will be eye-opening for our students as they study this very important subject. This course costs $75. When my granddaughter takes American history in a couple of years, I will strongly consider buying the rest of these CDs for her. I may even buy them for myself before that, because even though I have studied all this before from secular sources, I hunger to get the full understanding of the subject from the Biblical perspective.

You, Your Child & the Constitution

This 76-page spiral-bound book provides a method of teaching your elementary aged children about the Constitution. Each chapter covers one main principle or idea, beginning with a discussion of the topic for the parents. Following are a list of questions to stimulate the student's thinking about the subject. This is very thoughtfully done and would make an excellent history text for a semester of study for your children. I have every intention of using this in my homeschool. The cost is $20.

With Liberty and Justice for All

This spiral-bound book of about 56 pages can be used in conjunction with a game of the same name. I did not receive the game with it, so I cannot comment on that. But the America's Christian History website says the book can also be used independently. By itself, the book is $10. The book contains lessons and assignments, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, stories of the Revolution, and a play entitled "With Liberty and Justice for All" to use for a Fourth of July celebration. I think this would be a good companion book for You, Your Child & The Constitution. I plan to use them together.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2010