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Spanish All Day Program Review by Christine Hindle

Mikala Vidal
28 Brooks Street
Medford, MA 02155

Singalingo has a developed a delightful program for teaching Spanish to your children as you go about your day. The Spanish All Day Program kit includes 2 CDs of the songs (one for home and one for the car), stickers to label things in your house with their Spanish names, laminated cards held together by a ring (one for each song, with the lyrics on one side and additional related vocabulary words or games and activities on the other side), and a bedtime storybook called Buenas Noches, Amigos.

This company has adopted the very credible notion that kids learn very quickly by singing their lessons. Each song builds the child's vocabulary and enforces Spanish sentence structure in a very enjoyable manner. The 17 songs are lively and fun to sing, and they cover a lot of vocabulary. One song even teaches counting in Spanish. Some are activity songs, such as "Ponte a Bailar" (Start Dancing) and "Marcha" (March). Two of my favorites are Spanish versions of popular kids' songs: "Mono Chico" (Little Monkey, which is the much-loved "no more monkeys jumping on the bed") and "Ara-a Peque-a" (Itsy, Bitsy Spider).

The 60 peel and stick stickers are for labeling items in your house. As an example, there is "el lavabo" (sink), "el lavaplatos" (dishwasher), "la ventana" (window), etc. There are labels for every room in the house. This is a great idea because the child can visualize the word while putting the word with the English equivalent.

The Singalingo website has free online activities that go along with the program. One example is "Keys to the Treasure," an online game that gives additional practice using the vocabulary taught in the songs

We have enjoyed this approach to learning Spanish. My granddaughters love the songs and the activities. I highly recommend this to anyone teaching Spanish as a second language. I believe that $59.99 plus S/H for this resource is very reasonable for all that comes with it and all the fun you will have using it.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2010