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Kristelle of Paris, France Doll Review by Nancy Casari Dayton

By Stacey Byer and Jennifer Toussaint Cali

Kristelle is one of seven Vanange Multicultural Dolls available from the Vannuzza website. The dolls are geared for children age three and up. Kristelle is a beautiful doll that stands 19.4 inches with pretty hair, a lovely dress and shoes, eyes that close when she is reclining, and a soft abdomen. The doll is "articulated and fully poseable"--quite elegant. I'm sure my daughter will enjoy Kristelle!

Vannuzza's purpose, according to the website, is "to enrich the lives of children worldwide through education, empowerment, and inspiration." The website also includes these statements: "Self-Esteem + Diversity = Friendship! Inspirational! That's What We Are All About!" To that end, each doll comes with a poster urging children to celebrate the way God made them to be. A flyer included in the box states that "three percent of the profit [goes] to building the very first University in the Seychelles Islands Another three percent of the profit is used to purchase school supplies." In addition, there is a book for each doll that tells her story. Kristelle's book was not included for me to review, but I was able to listen to some of it on the website. The selection I heard ended with the phrase "I believe in myself."

Vannuzza's product is intertwined with a pointed mission and philosophy with which you may or may not agree. If you are looking for a beautiful doll and find that the $59.99 price suits you, then I encourage you to consider a Vanange Multicultural Doll. As I said, I know my daughter will adore Kristelle. However, I will not share the poster or the book with my daughter because our family does not share the view of self-esteem that these materials promote.

Product review by Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2010